How to seal papercrete

Lime wash

Malaysian Mix

Soak newspaper 24 hours
Re-pulp newspaper in a slurry
De-water slurry to a sludge
Mix by volume = water + 2 parts cement + 1 part hydrated lime + 8 parts sludge
ie 25% cement + 12.5% lime

Cherrybrook mix process in cement mixer

16×4=64 litres paper sludge
4×4=16 litres builders cement
2×4=8 litres hydrated lime

note: only use enough water to make the mix “workable”.

Compacted in place papercrete 1200x300x150=54 litres

Un-compacted papercrete

64 litres paper sludge
16 litres builders cement (with 20% flyash)
8 litres hydrated lime