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Tradical® air lime is a high-technology material at the leading edge of sustainable construction.

Lime products have been used in construction for millenia and pre-date cement based construction products by thousands of years. It is only in the last century or so that cement based products have dominated the construction process where lime products were displaced through the popularity of higher strength materials.

It is now rapidly being realised that lime products in construction were used because of their appropriate strength and breathable chracteristics which were suited to the majority of applications in construction and that cement use needs to be more focussed on where rapid setting and high strength is actually necessary. Using cements in combinations with lime and other products is an area of significant recent development.

Lime is the name given to a wide variety of different processed products created from limestone. These products have a wide scope of uses in many varied markets. Lime products are used in industries as diverse from water purification to the manufacture of steel and from application as a raw material in fire protection products to use on a farm as a biocide for disinfection. Please see our www.lhoist.co.uk website for further information on the variety of markets we serve.

Limestone rock is also different because the geological conditions of formation for the limestones are a function of nature and therefore the lime products created from differing limestones have particular related characteristics. This geological variation delivers two very distinct forms of lime products – air limes and hydraulic limes.

The hydraulic limes come from limestones with high levels of clay minerals and other impurities that are responsible for providing the hydraulic properties in the products. Cements, which are also produced from limestones, are a more recent development of adding further clays and other additives to the raw material before processing. Air limes on the other hand are produced from high purity limestones that have a minimum of other constituents in the quarried raw material making them also known as high calcium limes.

Tradical® products are produced in the UK using one of the very purest of air limes produced at our facilities in Buxton, Derbyshire. The basic process we use is to quarry the limestone and to calcine it using continuous process, high efficiency kilns which produce quicklimes, then the quicklimes can be slaked in a carefully controlled process to deliver hydrated lime products. Some applications and markets use quicklime products and others use hydrated lime products. Our expertise is in producing highly consistent lime products, both quicklime and hydrated lime, with the appropriate characteristics for the markets and customers we serve.

The processing of limestone and the explanation of the lime cycle can be found on our company website by clicking on the following link www.lhoist.co.uk and visiting the information pages where you can take a trip on a virtual lime plant – see the production link.

Tradical® air lime products are being used as the materials of choice in all kinds of projects and applications across all sectors; housing, transportation, industrial, commercial property and leisure facilities.

Ask for Tradical® inside every time you are specifying your construction products