IMPORTANT:   I planted hemp three weeks early. Time to plant is when the manure crop is ca shoulder high. Not the date of the month. After mulching spray molasses or sugar then use ripper to incorporate the residue. Plant hemp together with mixed clover seed. Once hemp is up spray with cow ferment.

North West Paddock
10/10/2018 mulch
11/10/2018 deep rip 1
12/10/2018 deep rip 2
13/10/2018 sow hemp
South West Paddock
14/10/2018 mulch 
14/10/2018 deep rip
15/10/2018 sow hemp
South West Paddock
30/10/2018 resow hemp
12/12/2018 Spray biology
South East Paddock
29/10/2018 mulch 
29/10/2018 deep rip
01/11/2018 sow hemp
North East Paddock
 Left cover crop to resow itself.
08/04/2019 deep rip top paddock
21/04/2019 deep rip NE paddock
28/04/2019 deep rip south paddock
01/05/2019 spread green manure seeds 4 bags per hectare 
06/05/2019 mulch rip SE paddock