How to farm in harmony with nature

South Paddock
03/10/2016 first spray biology (brewed 24hr) over multi-species cover crop

North East Paddock
31/10/2016 Planted hemp after slashing, ripping and two spray of biology.
16/10/2016 first spray biology (brewed 24hr)
24/10/2016 second spray biology (brewed 24hr)
25/10/2016 Deep rip

North West Paddock
25/10/2016 disc plow
26/10/2016 deep rip
27/10/2016 deep rip
28/10/2016 deep rip
29/10/2016 sow hemp
30/10/2016 first spray biology (brewed 24hr)
04/11/2016 second spray biology (brewed 48hrs)
06/11/2016 third spray biology (brewed 24 hrs)
12/11/2016 fourth spray biology (brewed 24 hrs)