LTGS Brick, low cost construction material

Get a natural fresh house

But beyond its strength identical to traditional brick, its lower manufacturing cost and its low energy consumption, a house built out of LTGS brick will be naturally air-conditioned and fresher. This “interior comfort” quality or “passive cooling”, alike pisé, rammed earth or other earth materials, is related to the essential physical and chemical characteristics of geopolymers for LTGS bricks. These geopolymers, which constitutes the matrix of the brick, have zeolitic properties, i.e. the property “to breathe”, to be in constant hygrometrical balance with the interior of a dwelling in order to be an excellent insulation material against heat. We know that, in hot and dry areas, the traditional earth material is providing a comfort much higher than modern insulating material used in industrialized northern countries. LTGS bricks absorb moisture. At night, they store condensation moisture from the surrounding air. During the day, they release this moisture, either inside the house if the relative humidity should be compensated, or outside. So there is evaporation, therefore a drop in the temperature of the material, therefore a cooling of the house and insulation against the heat!